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April 12 @ 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Oas-sis. The Hideout stands as a beacon of entertainment for lovers of music in Malvern and beyond.

Forget Gallagher brothers squabbles, this is Oasis reborn! Oas-sis aren’t your average tribute band pumping out karaoke covers in a smoky pub. They’re a sonic sledgehammer, hurling you back to the heyday of Britpop with the full-on raw sound and live power of those legendary Mancunian nights.

Think Parka Monkeys on Red Bull, Liam’s swagger and Noel’s swagger amplified to eleven. These guys don’t just play the songs, they bleed them. Every ripped riff, every thunderous drumbeat, every soaring Gallagher-esque wail explodes with the swagger and attitude that made Oasis kings of the 90s. You’ll feel the bass reverberate through your bones, the guitars shred your eardrums in the best way possible, and the whole room pulsating with the shared euphoria of a thousand voices belting out “Live Forever.”

This isn’t a nostalgia trip, it’s a time machine. Oas-sis aren’t here to mimic, they’re here to resurrect the spirit of 90s rock royalty. You’ll be transported back to those sticky-floored gigs, screaming along to “Supersonic” with your arms around strangers, pogo-ing to “Cigarettes & Alcohol,” and losing your voice to the anthemic chorus of “Champagne Supernova.” This isn’t just a gig, it’s a shared religious experience, a sweaty, euphoric communion with the ghosts of rock & roll past.

So ditch the Britpop box set and grab your mates. Oas-sis is a show you won’t forget, a reminder of the raw power and unadulterated joy of live music. It’s more than a tribute, it’s a resurrection. Don’t miss it. Be there or be square. As Liam might say, “This is gonna be biblical, brother!”


April 12
8:00 pm - 11:00 pm
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